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    Wellness is an important part of our spirit. The TH Wellness team uses a traditional approach to help our citizens. We focus on all parts of the person: the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We offer many different programs for citizens of all ages aimed at empowerment and healthy living.

    For most numbers, call us long distance at 1-844-993-7100 (or local at 993-7100) plus extension number:

    Edward Whitehouse, Director of Wellness 120
    Sarah Filiatreault, Manager of Wellness 129
    Kelly Vittrekwa, Administrative  Assistant 164
    Ali Biernaskie, Child and Youth 鸿运彩app在哪下载 Supervisor 169
    Sandra Gordon, Elders' Support Worker 151
    Community Support Lounge 152
    Angela Van Nostrand, Family Support Worker 184
    Brenda Warren, Justice Worker 167
    Indigenous Court Worker, vacant
    Gladys Netro, Community Outreach Worker 214
    Irena Pikalkova, Community Health Representative 150
    Dolores Scheffen, 鸿运彩app在哪下载 & Community Care Coordinator 155
    Erin McQuaig, Social Assistance Administrator 166
    Nora Van Bibber, Community Luncheon / Meals on Wheels Cook
    Deena Titus, Cancer Pathways Coordinator 241
      Rosealee Smarch, Programs Support Coordinator 152

    Adonika Clark, Youth Programs Coordinator 182
    Children's 鸿运彩app在哪下载 Programs Coordinator--Vacant 993-3424
    James (Jim Bob) Titus, Driver 993-3568
    Derrick Hastings, Farm Manager 993-3916
    Talisa Nyte, Men's Shelter Coordinator 225

    Men's Shelter 225

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