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    Join Us at MHG2018

    Join us on the banks of the Yukon River for four days of celebrating Hän culture and visiting with friends and relatives.  July 26-29 at Moosehide Village, downstream from Dawson City, Yukon.

    Key information including the schedule

    Workshop Schedule

    Full program


    About Moosehide Gathering

    This year Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in are celebrating a number of special anniversaries: the 20th anniversary of signing our Land Claims and Self Government Agreements and the 45th anniversary of Together Today for our Children Tomorrow. In July 2018, we will honour these landmark events with a joyful gathering at our historic Moosehide Village on the banks of the Yukon River.

    Moosehide Gathering is an exceptional event that attracts both Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in families returning to their roots and visitors experiencing its charm for the first time. From July 26–29, 2018, we’re bringing together artists, performers, and people for a celebration of Hän culture and heritage. This year we’ll focus on dynamic northern Indigenous artists who capture the spirit of our pride and happiness. Fiddlers, drummers, singers, and instrumentalists from many genres and communities will send people out onto the dance floor while hands-on workshops and artists and crafters will keep you鸿运彩app在哪下载r fingers busy.

    The entire gathering is free and open to the public, including transportation by boat to the site and feasts in the evenings. All Yukoners, First Nation communities, and visitors are invited to participate.

    Get Involved!

    Are you鸿运彩app在哪下载 interested in getting involved in the celebration? We’re looking for volunteers to lend a hand! See below to find out how you鸿运彩app在哪下载 can participate in this year’s gathering.


    We’re looking for volunteers to assist us before, during, and after the event. Below is a list of areas where we need you鸿运彩app在哪下载r support:

    • Transportation, Boat Driver’s – transport people to and from Moosehide (Boat safety required)
    • Dock Hands – assisting people in and out of boats, including elders, you鸿运彩app在哪下载ng children (Criminal Record Check required)
    • Driver Support – run errands in Dawson, get last minute supplies, coordinate with Info booth to figure out needs, drive performers to and from airport/hotel, drive elders to/from boats
    • Grounds Crew Maintenance – assist maintenance crew with various tasks, such as driving elders/bags onsite, emptying garbage cans, and maintaining campsite
    • Fire Keepers - assist with maintaining of the sacred and celebration fires throughout the event
    • Security - provide support to security staff. Assist in assuring no drugs/alcohol on site, bear awareness, other environmental matters and concerns (Criminal Record Check required)
    • Waste Management – assist with recycling and sorting of waste after feasts
    • Set up/Tear Down - before, during, and after the event
    • Feast server/dishwasher – assist with serving of evening feasts, dishwashing
    • Kitchen help/prep cooks – assist with the preparation of feasts
    • Concession – assist with food concession
    • Visitor/Info Booth - greet visitors, answer questions, assist with coordination of driver support
    • Merchandise - sell tshirts, tanks, hoodies, and other Moosehide memorabilia
    • First Aid – (Standard First Aid required, Advanced Wilderness First Aid an asset)
    • Kids Tent – assist with activities in the kids tent (Criminal Record Check required)
    • Raffles and other fundraising – assist with sale of tickets
    • Performance/Stage Support - assist the sound crew, deliver messages
    • Special Events - assist the coordinator with daily tasks
    • Elder’s care/support - assist and support elders (Criminal Record Check required)
    • Hospitality – support volunteers and performers tent
    • Roamer – fill in where needed, assist with set up/take down of artists market and workshops

    We’re still looking for team leads in the following areas: dock hands and driver support.

    Please contact Brooke Edmonds at info鸿运彩app在哪下载@moosehidegathering.ca or call (867) 993-7100 ext. 208 if you鸿运彩app在哪下载 are interested!

    Please fill out the application below and e-mail to info鸿运彩app在哪下载@moosehidegathering.ca, or mail to:

    ATTN: Moosehide Gathering Co-coordinator
    PO Box 599
    Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0

    Volunteer Application (NOTE: this form is fillable, so you鸿运彩app在哪下载 can do it all on you鸿运彩app在哪下载r computer! Just download it, fill it out, and email it back to us.)


    Applications for 2018 are now closed.

    Artist Market

    Applications for 2018 are now closed.

    See you鸿运彩app在哪下载 at Moosehide Gathering!

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