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    Media enquiries, click here or call 867.993.7108 x. 108.


    Culturally Responsive Teaching for Yukon First Nations

    The Culturally Responsive Teaching Project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC Canada) and provides the research outcomes and teacher resources to inform teachers' practice in teaching responsively to the learning aspirations of their community.

    Documents available:

    Our Stories About Teaching and Learning (booklet)

    Culturally Responsive Teaching in Yukon First Nation Settings (academic paper)

    Education Overview

    The TH Education Program ensures students learn about and make healthy life choices, while also being immersed in activities and outings that promote Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in language and culture.

    We manage TH education programs and services for Kindergarten to Grade 12 by engaging with the federal and territorial education departments, working with other TH departments, liaising with Robert Service School (RSS) staff, advocating for students and parents/guardians, and ensuring TH representation in RSS through the Community Education Liaison Coordinators (CELCs). TH CELCs play an important role in improving the educational and personal well-being of TH students by conveying creativity and receptiveness to the needs of the students and school environment and through investigating, evaluating and promoting education programs, cultural initiatives, projects, events, and supports for identified needs.

    TH Bursaries

    Students must be registered TH citizens to qualify for bursaries. If you鸿运彩app在哪下载r child is not yet a registered TH citizen, please contact Citizenship Registrar at 1-867-993-7100  (toll-free 1-844-993-7100) ext. 143 or .

    School Supply Bursary

    This bursary assists in the purchase of school supplies for registered Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin citizens attending grades K – 12. Click here for an application form and submit you鸿运彩app在哪下载r request to the TH Education Department by September 13. (Use this form if you鸿运彩app在哪下载 are applying for more than two students) 

    Please note that this year we will begin processing all applications on August 1.

    High School Graduation Bursary

    This bursary recognizes the accomplishments of TH citizens who are graduating from high school and it assists with graduation related costs. Application forms are available here, and you鸿运彩app在哪下载 can submit you鸿运彩app在哪下载r request to the TH Education Department by May 15.

    If you鸿运彩app在哪下载 plan to attend the annual Yukon First Nations graduation ceremony in Whitehorse, please contact the graduation coordinators at . In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, a student must be of Aboriginal, Inuit or Metis ancestry. In addition to this all students must be completing their grade 12 year with an academic grade 12 (Dogwood Diploma), Adult Graduation or Leaving School Certificate. Information is available here


    Please call 867-993-7100 plus the three-digit extension.


    Director of Human Resources, Education and Training


    Ashley Bower-Bramadat - CELC (K–Grade 6)
    Cell: 993-2912  


    Aurora Knutson - CELC (Grade 7–12) 


    Education Support Worker



    Robert Service School:

    First Voices:



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